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Ancient Roman Pendants

Ancient Roman pendants were often worn by boys during ancient Roman times to protect them from evil spirits, and to wish them a healthy growth into manhood to become leaders of society. Women had no leadership status in society. Protective pendants were generally not used for girls.

Ancient Roman Necklaces

In ancient Rome, one's social standing or income would determine the detail and material used for the necklace. These expensive and luxurious pieces were ornamental in design. It was also common for Roman necklaces to include talismans, amulets and seals rings. Even more interesting is that the

Ancient Roman Bracelets

The ancient Romans wore both bracelets around their wrists and arm bands called armlets on their upper arms. Bracelets made of bronze were usually engraved with intricate designs while gold cuff bracelets tended to be more on the plain side. Some were were made of gold and

Ancient Roman Rings

Rings in ancient Rome were popular among men and women.  No piece of jewelry was worn more in ancient Rome than the ring. Rings wore by men were usually very conservative, and didn't have many precious stones adorning them. Women on the other hand would wear less

Ancient Roman Earrings

You might think that pierced ears are a relatively new idea, but Roman women wore a variety of pierced earrings. There are a few surviving ancient Roman sculptures that clearly depict women with pierced ears. Hoop earrings were a favorite among Roman aristocracy and were decorated and

Ancient Roman Figurines

Ancient Roman figurines were mini-statues. Often they were replicas of existing ancient Roman statues. Figurines were more than just a great work of art. Depending on who was depicted, and what they were doing it could have various meanings and importance. Figurines could be a family member,

Ancient Roman Intaglios

Ancient Roman intaglios are an art form that actually originated in Greece and Rome. The intaglios would generally be carved on coral, soft gem stones, glass, or sandstone  Generally they were originally used as royal seals, emblems and jewelry such as rings and pendants. Common designs found

Ancient Roman Amulets

The Roman Empire was superior in many ways with their technology and their craftsmanship at their time in history, but some would say that the ancient Romans were overly superstitious Ancient roman amulets were designed for various purposes such as to safeguard against evil spirits or evil

Ancient Roman Beads

Roman beads were created using stone, precious and semi precious gems, glass and even gold overlay on beads to enhance their brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. These craftsmen also were able to make glass beads in a variety of colors such as browns, whites, blues, pinks, greens