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Mirrors in Ancient Rome

Mirrors in ancient Rome were quite important because cleanliness and grooming were highly valued in the empire. Public baths were also very popular in Ancient Rome.. Mirrors helped people maintain cleanliness within the Roman empire and  were hung in many public in ancient Rome. Roman History One

Ancient Roman Hooks

Hooks in ancient Rome were used for many purposes including tools, fishing, medical instruments, and even weapons. The Ancient Romans made their hooks out of bronze or a mix of different metals. Each hook was shaped and molded into a sharp or blunt hook  depending on its

Ancient Roman Sickles

Farmers in Ancient Rome used tools to plant and harvest their crops. One of these tools was the sickle. Some of the original sickles were made from a donkey's jaw, but metal soon became the material of choice. During the Roman era, sickles were often made of

Ancient Roman Bells

Bells are percussion instruments with an inverted cup shape and something to make the cup vibrate to make a resonant sound, either a clapper, a ball enclosed within, or a mallet used to strike. In ancient Rome many bells were made of bronze or iron, though some

Ancient Roman Dice

Games were a part of peoples lives, even in Roman times. Dice have been an integral part of gaming for centuries. The very word we use for dice is derived from the Latin datum, meaning "something played. Games provided socialization, fun, and friendly or wagered competition.  Dice

Ancient Roman Thimbles

A thimble was often worn for protection while sewing. When sewing, the needle is commonly held in one hand and the fabric is held in the other hand. It was not uncommon to accidentally prick a finger on the hand holding the fabric. The thimble also had

Ancient Roman Brick

It has long since been said Rome was not built in a day, and in many instances Rome was built brick by brick. Considering how long some Roman structures have survived, Roman bricks have shown to be durable. Bricks were made by heating clay into bricks of

Ancient Roman Stylus

The Ancient Roman stylus resembles a nail except that it is thicker than standard nails and blunter on the edges. The Ancient Romans did not have the convenience of pens so  the stylus was pressed on to a tablet made of wax with a wooden border. They

Ancient Roman Tweezers

Tweezers were used to pluck eyebrows, remove unwanted hair, and as surgical instruments. Sometimes they were even part of an entire personal care set. They were often made of bronze, about 73 millimeters long, and flex together as modern tweezers.  

Ancient Roman Belt Buckles

The Romans knew the value of good accessories to their clothing, belt mount, sometimes known as propellers were attached to the belt for fastening Military belt mounts were originally worn by soldiers, attached to the belts for fastening purposes.  However, it eventually spread to the general public.