Ancient Roman Hooks

Ancient Roman HooksHooks in ancient Rome were used for many purposes including tools, fishing, medical instruments, and even weapons.

The Ancient Romans made their hooks out of bronze or a mix of different metals.

Each hook was shaped and molded into a sharp or blunt hook  depending on its purpose.

ROMAN Ancient Artifact Iron HOOK S P E A R Head Circa 100 200 AD  3245
ROMAN Ancient Artifact Iron HOOK S P E A R Head Circa 100 200 AD 3245
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Roman History

The sharp hooks could be used to for medical procedures such as surgery. It could separate tissue and also remove tissue. This was also a way to hold tissue in place where the scalpel as used to make incisions.

The blunt hooks were mainly used as tools for different purposes. They were used as pulleys to hold ropes into place. This was used for construction and to lift objects from one location to another. The blunt hooks were thicker than the sharper ones as it obviously needed the extra reinforcement to hold objects into place.

There were also thin angled hooks that were used for fishing. The Ancient Romans took part in fly fishing and fished in the rivers with bait attached to the hook. They don't look much different to the hooks we use for fishing small fish in modern times.

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