Pottery and Glassware

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Ancient Roman Bowls

There were many types of ancient Romans bowls, each was used for a specific purpose or function. The Roman bowls used by the more affluent citizens of the era were often decorated paintings that set aside the piece as being unique. These were traded between people in the

Ancient Roman Jugs

The Romans transported food and liquid to hundreds of thousands of people across the empire every day and many jugs were needed for this purpose.  Jugs played an important in avoiding food shortages. Not only were jugs used for transport but also for storage of goods such

Ancient Roman Bottles

Ancient Roman bottles were used to store perfume, wine, food, and other items. They were even used to store remains after cremation. Although glass was common, bottles were not all made of glass, other materials such as alabaster, ceramic, stone and even precious metals were used.

Ancient Roman Jars

Many items do not withstand the test of time well, so Romans stored them in jars to prevent spoilage. Jars were not only used to store food and wine, but also cosmetics and creams. Jars sealed out light, air, and pests. As an additional measure jars were

Ancient Roman Lamps

Although most ancient roman lamps were used for providing light in the home, oil lamps were also used for religious purposes in temples, and also in public buildings. Roman lamps were primarily oil based lamps made from clay or ceramic designed to produce a continual source of

Ancient Roman Pitchers

Ancient Roman pitchers were one of the common items found in Roman times.  Pitchers in ancient Roman times were items for storage and storage could of course be a problem. Different hardening and glazing methods entered into play through history that made the pitchers less likely to