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The crossbow has long been a weapon of war as well as a hunting tool and ancient Roman crossbows were used during Roman times. It's most popular use was as a weapon used in times of war. It was in use by the ancient Greeks, the ancient


  A shield is part of protective armor which has been used for many centuries and ancient Roman shields were used in Roman times. The shield was the first piece of equipment that was used during times of battle, and it is even older than body armor.


Ancient Roman helmets in particular are some of the most interesting pieces of military hardware in existence. Every piece was made by a blacksmith and most ancient Roman helmets weren't all made by the same man. There were thousands of blacksmiths making these helmets and each one

Iron Arrows

Ancient Roman arrows were a powerful weapon and archers were an important part of the Roman army. Many arrowheads were made from iron. While there were various tactics for using Roman arrows one can be seen in the move Gladiator about the Roman general who became a slave. In


The Roman soldiers would use a variety of ancient Roman spears including 2 handed lances, Javelins, and Thrusting spears. The poles were made from ash, oak or hazel wood and the pointed heads of the spears were made of iron, or an iron alloy. The points could


Ancient roman daggers were one of the smaller ancient Roman weapons. These were designed with a combination of stiff metal and a lightweight heft. Most Romans kept their daggers attached to their bodies with leather sheaths that were often decorated with jewels and fanciful designs. If ever


Many various weapons were used by ancient roman soldiers but ancient roman swords were arguably the most important weapon carried by a Roman soldier. Soldiers wore a short sword, also know as the gladius. The Gladius was a smaller sword that was distinguished by its curved blade.