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Ancient Roman Helmets

Helmets were a staple of the Roman infantry. Designs ranged from simple to complicated. More intricate helmets were generally reserved for ranking officers and were modified to indicate the rank of the officer. Steel was the strongest material at the time but it was also the most

Ancient Roman Arrows

Ancient Roman arrows were a powerful weapon and archers were an important part of the Roman army. Ancient roman arrows have been found wherever the Romans ruled. Many arrowheads were made from iron. From the Isle of Britannia and Western Europe to Egypt, Syria, and all of the

Ancient Roman Spears

The Roman soldiers would use a variety of ancient Roman spears including 2 handed lances, Javelins, and Thrusting spears. The poles were made from ash, oak or hazel wood and the pointed heads of the spears were made of iron, or an iron alloy. The points could

Ancient Roman Axes

The axe was used both in battle and day to day life. It was used to cut wood, hunt, as a weapon during battle, and more. The overall style of the Roman axe is not very different from that which is seen today. It is a good

Ancient Roman Daggers

Ancient roman daggers were designed using the strength of metal but small enough to be lightweight. They were a miniature version of the sword that could quickly and easily be accessed when needed. Daggers were often kept their daggers in leather sheaths attached to the body.  While

Ancient Roman Swords

Many various weapons were used by ancient roman soldiers but swords were arguably the most important weapon carried by a Roman soldier. Sharp and carefully honed edges made the sword one of the fiercest weapons of ancient Rome. This weapon was jabbed into the enemy and deadly