Ancient Rome Weapons

ancient roman armorThe military might wielded by the Roman Empire was legendary. The soldiers who lived during this time were fiercely loyal to their leaders and their country. These were strong, intelligent men who took a great deal of pride in using the best military tactics and having the best ancient roman weapons.

The military and ancient Roman weapons were two important factors that led to the superiority of one of the greatest empires of all times. Swords, shields, and spears were the commonly used weapons required for combat, but this did not mean that these were the only military tools available. Roman soldiers were adroit tacticians, and they had no problems utilizing a variety of weaponry if that was what was needed to defeat their enemies on the battlefield.

Roman Helmets and Body Armor

Helmets were defensive equipment that a soldier used to protect their head, face, and neck. These were commonly made from copper or iron alloys.

The tunics that were worn by members of the Roman military units could also be considered as part of their weaponry arsenal. These were created from metal and leather. The breastplates were made of metal plating so that the most vulnerable areas of the body could be protected. There were also some coverings that could be used as covering for the arms and legs.

Popular Ancient Roman Weapons

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